Ready Player One

Just finished a book called Ready Player One by Ernist Cline and I wanted to mention it to the three people that visit the site.  Hi mom.  The book is set a few years in the future where the entire planet spends its days jacked into a World of Warcraft type game.  The creator of the game has died and left no heir to his vast fortune and has instead opted to create a game inside the game for the money.  Whoever can find the clues left by the game’s creator will take control of the largest fortune in the world.  All that is pretty standard sci-fi type fare, but where the book gets fun is when it reveals the nature of the puzzles to be solved.  The creator of the game, being a child of the 1980’s, has left the clues in the form of 80’s pop culture references.  So the book is crammed full of great movie/music/tv references from the 80’s.  Watching future kids try to find secret meaning in old episodes of Growing Pains is pretty damn funny to read.  

 To avoid being long winded I’ll just say that if you enjoy reveling in pop culture you should read the book. 

The Angry Little Man

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  1. Update: Since I made this post about Ready Player One, the author, Ernest Cline, has posted a video which unveils a contest to find the easter eggs in his own book. Much like the character from his own story, Cline has hidden three easter eggs in his book for his readers to find. The winner will receive a prize (I’m not sure what because I’m very lazy). So all the more reason to check the book out.

    Good luck Gunters

    The Angry Little Man

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