The Homage Show was officially created in March, 2005, and originally ran until May, 2007, on Sunday mornings from 10:00 to 12:00 on KXUA 88.3 fm in Northwest Arkansas.  It was hosted by The Chief Justice Hollywood and The Almighty Easter Bunny.  Unfortunately, no digital recordings are available from this initial run.

In September, 2010, C.J. Hollywood brought back The Homage Show to KXUA 88.3 fm.  That version of the show ran for three years, ending in December, 2013.  It was on Saturday mornings from 10:00 to 12:00.  Shows regularly involved revolving co-hosts, The Angry Little Man and The Maintenance Man, as well as C.J. Hollywood doing shows alone.   Every episode from this time period has been recorded as an mp3 that you can download from this site.

The current version of the show began in January, 2017, as an online-only podcast.  C.J. Hollywood is still hosting and the format of the show is largely unchanged.

So, what is the format?  In the past, each show was filled with the music of a single artist from throughout their career.  Now each show is dedicated to a specific album, mixed with (hopefully) entertaining commentary from the host.  Plus, there is a segment called “The Chief Justice Hollywood Gives Old Video Game Tips” where you get a quick tip regarding a different old game each show.  The episodes aren’t quite as long these days, but they still contain all of the fun you have come to expect from The Homage Show.

The Homage Show can be reached by e-mail at thehomageshow@gmail.com.

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