Welcome to The Homage Show, a two-hour weekly radio program with each episode devoted entirely to the music of a single artist.  It’s the ultimate combination of great bands, entertaining hosts, and even a touch of old video games in a weekly radio show.
The Homage Show is hosted by The Chief Justice Hollywood.  It is currently inactive, but during its active run it used to broadcast every Saturday morning on KXUA 88.3 fm in Northwest Arkansas.
The show features the music of a different artist each week.  Whenever there is a band you like, download the mp3 for free and get two hours of their music, accompanied by plenty of informative commentary and non-stop comedic entertainment.
There is a blog post devoted to each show in the Episodes section that includes a short description of the show along with a picture of the band, and you can even rate the episode.  The Archive section has a complete list of episodes for downloading in one easy location.  There is also a Rankings section that is updated regularly, where you can see which bands have received the most downloads.
In addition to this website, you can find The Homage Show on Twitter.  It’s the place to go to get instant updates and share your thoughts on the show.
The Homage Show is also on Facebook.  You can find out the artist that will be featured the day before the show, read random thoughts from C.J. Hollywood, and see promotional screenshots.  If you enjoy the show, become a fan of the facebook page and follow the twitter page to get the total Homage Show experience plus any updates regarding future plans for The Homage Show!
  1. I like listening to the Homage Show while I’m driving to work on Saturday mornings. I like the music and I like the things you say between songs.

  2. The Chief is still getting the page setup so keep checking back for new content. It might take some convincing but hopefully you’ll be able to check an AngryLittleMan tab soon for updates on the show and whatever crap I want to talk about.

  3. Bloody Great Show!

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