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Corrosion of Conformity

The Homage Show – July 7, 2012

It’s time to get back to some metal this week as we feature the music of Corrosion of Conformity!  And in a rare departure from the norm, this week we have three hosts instead of two, making the conversations more fast-paced than ever with topics such as our thoughts on this year’s 4th of July, rodeos, Chicago cab drivers, and much more!

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Cartoon Planet

The Homage Show – June 16, 2012

This week we feature the best super hero variety show on television, Cartoon Planet!  It’s two hours of songs and skits by Space Ghost, Zorak and Brak.  Plus our own off-beat conversations about all kinds of topics such as barbeque safety, celebrities who use middle initials, your college catching fire after graduation and on and on!

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スキマスイッチ (Sukima Switch)

The Homage Show – June 2, 2012

This week on The Homage Show we feature the famous Japanese duo, Sukima Switch (スキマスイッチ)!  We also give advice on how not to react when a fast food place messes up your order, we warn you about an unexpected hazard in operating rooms, and even have an unexpected blimp sighting!

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Duran Duran

The Homage Show – May 12, 2012

There’s no better way to enjoy Mother’s Day (or any other day) than listening to The Homage Show and Duran Duran!  We’ve got the music of the Fab Five plus our gift ideas for your mom, thoughts on how to cook steak, and we even try to finish each other’s sentences!

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The Pet Shop Boys

The Homage Show – April 21, 2012

The Homage Show is always dignified, but this week we add even more class and elegance by featuring the music of the Pet Shop Boys!  Not only do we listen to the most soothing voice in the music industry, we also discuss Kazakhstan’s trouble with their national anthem, how tacos have become gourmet cuisine for the rich, the effect that delivering a baby in a public restroom can have on a bystander, and much more!

If you enjoy the show, please check out some of our other featured artists.

Milli Vanilli/Fab Morvan

The Homage Show – March 31, 2012

It’s an amazing story of scandal, controversy, and ultimately of triumph as we feature over two hours of Fab Morvan.  From Fab’s time as a duo with Rob Pilatus as the face of Milli Vanilli, on to their music as an actual singing duo, and finally to his place as a respected solo artist, this episode covers it all.  Plus we also discuss issues such as the special challenge that Audi has when making cars for India, the basketball player who stole a taco, and we even get a a special cameo appearance by the Super Mario Brothers!

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ウルフルズ (Ulfuls)

The Homage Show – March 17, 2012

It’s a big party as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Spring Break together in one big party featuring the music of Ulfuls(ウルフルズ)!  In addition to the music of one of Japan’s most entertaining bands, we find out what possibly illegal activities everyone is doing, discover how flies are similar to humans, and much more!

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They Might Be Giants

The Homage Show – March 10, 2012

It’s fun for all ages as we feature the music of They Might Be Giants!  There are songs about puppets, presidents, death, despair and everything in between.  In addition, we discuss topics such as constellation viewing, water wheel fixing, and what happened to the elderly woman while I was talking to her.

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The Homage Show – March 3, 2012

After being gone for almost two months, The Homage Show comes back in a big way by featuring legendary superstar Prince.  We give you a variety of music from throughout his career along with discussions about people who have issues with their names, a lesson about paying close attention to free gifts, what I found some men doing to my house and much more!

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Christmas Special 2011

The Homage Show – December 31, 2011 Part 1

The Homage Show – December 31, 2011 Part 2

It’s here, the once-a-year event when The Homage Show celebrates the holidays with a huge double show devoted entirely to Christmas-themed songs!  This is our biggest show ever, with hours and hours of holiday music including classic favorites, rock ‘n’ roll and plenty of comedic songs as well.  We also talk about all kinds of Christmas topics such as getting presents, drinking egg nog, and tracking Santa by radar, plus non-Christmas topics such as sports’ labor disputes, how Samoa skipped Friday, and a crazy parking ticket.  No holiday season is complete without The Homage Show Christmas Special!

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