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The Homage Show – August 10, 2013

This week The Homage Show features legendary rock group, R.E.M.  This show is truly a greatest hits episode and also includes stories about people getting arrested in various ways.  The people include one guy who was on the toilet, one guy who lost all his clothes, and one girl who was just crowned as a beauty queen.  All this and more in an episode you won’t want to miss!

Dreams Come True

The Homage Show – July 2, 2011

It’s the Homage Show 4th of July Special featuring Japanese supergroup, Dreams Come True.  In addition to all of the music, this episode is packed full of fun tidbits, including that youtube clip of Charlie the baby biting that kid’s finger, one of the most famous renditions of the Star Spangled Banner ever sung, my visit to the rodeo, commentary on the Women’s World Cup, and much more!

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