The Homage Show on ESPN

Although I rarely talk about it on the show, I’m a big fan of college basketball.  I could talk to you for hours about college hoops.  One proposal that I support is to reduce the shot clock from 35 seconds to 24 seconds.  I think that it would make the game more fluid and entertaining.  It would also help reduce all those fouls on purpose at the end of the game that are so boring.

Well, this week I was happy to see ESPN writer Eamonn Brennan argue for the same thing.  But I noticed that he left out the part about the fouls at the end of games.  So I sent him an e-mail about it and he featured it on the ESPN website!  Thanks Eamonn!

Here is the article.  It’s The Homage Show’s ESPN debut!

C.J. Hollywood

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