Microwavable Pancakes

Recently I embarked on a challenge to eat some microwavable pancakes with blueberry filling.  Challenge you say?  What’s so challenging about eating frozen pancakes?  Well first there were the directions.  It gave the microwave times for heating one pancake, two pancakes, or four pancakes.  That’s great except that the package contained three pancakes!  This is just my guess, but wouldn’t you think that three pancakes would probably be the most popular serving size?  And how did they arrive at four?  I guess you would have to buy two packages, open both and then remove just one pancake from the second package and heat it along with the three from the first package.  Not impossible I suppose, but I’m guessing that most people don’t eat their pancakes that way.

Ok, so I got my pancakes heated (after guessing on the time) and set on the table and went to get a drink.  Unfortunately, when I returned a minute later, I discovered a cat standing over the pancakes, licking the blueberry filling.  A lesser man might have given up at this point, but not I.  After removing the cat, and picking off a few hairs, I finally got to try the pancakes and discover that they really weren’t that good after all.  Oh well, at least I had potato salad as a backup plan.

The Chief Justice Hollywood

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