Everyone Thinks I’m French

or at least French-Canadian.  When I took my trip to Canada for a few days, I was in an English-speaking part of Canada, but I was close enough to the areas where French is common so that everything was bilingual (signs, directions, etc).

The interesting thing is that various workers and empolyees have to pick English or French when they initially address customers.  And wouldn’t you know it, every time I approached them, they greeted me with a “Bonjour.”  This was despite the fact that their conversations with the customers ahead of me had been entirely in English.

Every time I would respond with “Hello” and the conversation would switch to English from there.  But there was one guy who continued to use French anyway.  Either he didn’t speak English, or despite my use of English, he was absolutely convinced that I must really be French-Canadian.  Now I’m left wondering what it is about my appearance that makes everyone think I am French-Canadian.

The Chief Justice Hollywood

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