Crap you should care about

I’ll have to miss the show today due to aquatic endeavors but I can at least contribute some crap you should are about.  The 4th of July weekend is one of those weekends a year where everybody is supposed to go outside and do something, and that gets me to thinking.  As much I love things to require that I sit for hours on end such as books, music, movies, and video games, I also love games that require that I move my actual body.  So this week’s crap you should care about is being in shape.  Now I know what you’re thinking, why should I burn 500 calories running when I could burn just 5 pwning noobs?  Well just think about it for a second.  Working out is a lot like grinding levels in any old school RPG.  It’s boring, it’s hard, and it generally sucks, but on the other hand it’s always exciting to level up.  This is the same thing except when you level up, you are leveling up your own f’ing body.  YOUR power, strength, and toughness go up baby.  Nothing makes a former jock madder than a nerd that can outrun him.  So take this opportunity to get up off your ass and move about for a bit and then you can celebrate dinging a level by pwning more noobs.

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