Random thought for the day

I started wearing glasses at around 18 years old.  I used to hate wearing them and often thought about having laser surgery to fix my eyes.  But, just tonight I’ve discovered that I don’t mind wearing them anymore, and it’s all you 20/20’s out there that should envy me.  I got seated in a restaurant next to a table of undesirables.  So unattractive was this group of people that they became a distraction to my meal.  I looked at them when I sat down and every few seconds after, I was compelled to look at them again.  We even exchanged awkward eye contact a time or two and I was pretty sure that if something didn’t change, one of them was going to go all Squidbillies on me.  Then the solution became clear…. or rather unclear.  All I had to do was remove my glasses and they magically disappeared.  I now have the power to choose what stays in focus and what doesn’t or, more importantly, what to ignore and what to pay attention to.  Take that 20/20’s.

This has been another random thought by the AngryLittleMan

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