Spam comment

I checked the website and found that I had a new comment this afternoon.  I was hoping for some fan feedback.  Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, here was the comment:

“We are as very happy peruse this. This is actually material lead that you should implemented without having the main unintentional false information it’s in the several blogs and forums. Thank your own taking turns incredibly best file.”

Since it turned out to be unintelligible spam, I think I’ll take the liberty of fixing it up a little.  “We are very happy to listen to The Homage Show.  This is actually the best show ever and you can listen without hearing false information that can be found in other blogs and forums.  Thank your own conscience for finding this incredibly best show.”

There, now it looks halfway decent.  While I’m at it I should start re-writing newspaper articles.  They could say things like, “According to the President, North Korea has been given ample opportunity to become a fan of The Homage Show Facebook Page, but it has continued to ignore such opportunity.”

The Chief Justice Hollywood

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